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Thank You, Whitney, I Didn't Know How Badly I Needed That

This week I got to see you, Whitney Wolfe Herd, take Bumble public with your baby in your arms.

I saw you became the youngest self-made woman billionaire.

I was moved to tears.

I cry easily, but not THIS easily.

I have always admired hard working women and I have always gotten joy from seeing others' success.

The thing about this moment is that it invited so much to the surface.

They heralded you the youngest female CEO to go public and I looked on with the deepest gratitude for what must have taken so much resolve. I thought about how much bullsh*t you must have experienced along the way. I found myself wondering if you still deal with it now.

How many meetings in your career were you talked over?

How many times were you objectified or scrutinized for the way you look?

How many times did you have your ideas stolen and used by men as their own?

Did you ever feel like you would have to chose between getting this far or getting to have a family?

I looked on and thought about how much this moment must mean to you.