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Stubborn Heart Consulting works at the intersection of the personal and professional to help people and organizations work more productively, authentically, and sustainably. 

Interested in reigniting team connection in the wake of an abrupt move to remote work?


Want to get personalized support for individual employees?

Contact today to learn more about Team Training, Coaching, and Support customized to help your organization thrive. 

“An exceptional employee experience isn’t about beer on tap. It is about feeling seen, heard, and included."

"Building Grown Up Sandboxes to build more connected teams"


Are you committed to bringing heart-centered, people-focused culture to the forefront in your organization? Are you trying to build something so special your team can’t help but champion it publicly? Let’s get people feeling so safe to bring the most authentic version of themselves to work that their leftover energy can be spent collaborating, innovating, and smashing KPIs. 


Bring me in to deliver the keynote for your next conference, an interactive workshop for Lunch and Learn, or team up with me for collaborative coaching and consultation. 


My style is conversational, relatable, facilitative, and filled with short stories. I meet people where they are and we design a path forward through dialogue, debrief and tiny experiments that make culture change bite-size, achievable, and sustainable.

  • experiential exercises

  • real-time dialogue

  •  facilitative coaching

Organizations that invest in building connected teams with inclusive cultures achieve:


greater profitability **


greater productiivty **


lower turnover **


better customer ratings **

**2016 Creating a More Human Workplace SHRM Foundation Report 

Most Requested Workshops 

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Other Talk Topics ( Live or Virtual)



  • Culture First: Building Employee Champions

  • Intergenerational Collaboration

  • Building Your Authentic Brand (Organizationally or Independently)

  • The 5 P’s for Purposeful Remote Collaboration

Schedule an Exploratory Call 


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Partnerships & Collaborations

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