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Staci Taustine

Founder, Coach

I often say "I Woke Up for This!" because I have clawed my way back for a second chance at life.... I am glad to spend it bringing people together around transformational experiences. 


 My darkest days inspire me to help others find light in themselves and one another.


Nothing stands between us and the tomorrow we dream of if we are willing to keep growing and changing..…together. 


  • I keep it real.

  • I coach from experience.

  • I take my work seriously, but not myself. 

  • I will push you. 

  • I will support you.

  • This will be fun. 


  • 10k+ hours of coaching, training, and leadership development across the public and private sectors. 

  • Masters in Urban Education and Leadership 

  • Trained in MBTI, DiSC, and Work Styles   

  • Trained 2000+ professionals and partner organizations in career development, culture-building, and collaboration.


Specialty Areas.. 

  • Intergenerational Collaboration 

  • Inclusive Decision Making

  • Leadership in Action 

  • Authentic Brands at the Intersection of the Personal and Professional

  • Self-Awareness and Team Building 

  • Personal Leadership 

  • Cohort Development

  • Community Building 

  • Styles in Action 

  • Program Design

Dana Phillips 



  • Transparency is everything

  • Shared experiences have power

  • I’ll help you see the positive in failure

  • I’ll ask questions, and you should, too 

  • You’re not alone in this journey

  • If we don’t laugh, we’re not doing it right 



  • 5k+ hours of individual career and professional growth coaching, decision-making, and cross-party communication. 

  • Masters in Nonprofit Leadership  

  • Successful grassroots advocacy and uniting disparate voices.


Specialty Areas.. 

  • People Operations and Systems & Implementation 

  • Intersectionality 

  • Decision Making 

  • Community & Personal Advocacy

  • Empowerment

  • Collaboration and Compromise

  • Building Collectives 

  • Assisting women re-entering the workplace after staying at home with children

  • Rebellious, creative problem-solving

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