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Building  inclusive practices for shared governance at school and beyond. 



School classroom

Our students are living and leading in a world that changes minute by minute.

They are navigating unprecedented challenges and it is up to us to ensure they feel supported, equipped, and prepared to design, activate, and achieve their dreams. 


We know that we have to try new and better ways of teaching & learning to meet the changing world’s demands. 

Prioritize Intergenerational programming designed to:


Advance youth development, center youth voices, and amplify engagement. 

Generate and sustain meaningful youth-adult partnerships.

Define and elevate critical consciousness and healthy dialogue.

Promote collective action and achieve practical results. 

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the stubborn  approach

Learning to Skate

Intentional Design.
Accessible Format.
Emergent Learning. 

Relevant Modules 

  • Self-Awareness/Empathy

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Intergenerational Collaboration

  • Equity in Action

Virtual or In Person 

Actionable Insights 

What They Are Saying...

How We Will Work....

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