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Do You Have the Betty White Effect?

This Sunday, Betty White, notable actress, talk show host, and comedy powerhouse was honored at the 2022 Oscars for her contributions to film and television. White was an amazing woman who we all wish we had just a little bit more time with.

As a woman who lived through the Great Depression and two world wars, Betty White is a testament to resilience through times of struggle, grief, and social disconnect.

The mark she left on us all in entertainment reflects the beautifully stubborn heart that I have made it my mission to continue sharing with others.

I have grown to see the ways that embracing the Betty White Effect in relationships has strengthened my connections to dear friends and loved ones in my support network.

What is the 'Betty White Effect'?

The Betty White Effect refers to someone who is a trusted champion of change. A person whose influence creates a ripple in how others think about progress.

Some other notable individuals who may be described as having the Betty White Effect are Princess Diana and Bob Marley.

We can see how this plays out in the ways that one can demonstrate these skills:

The ability to transcend

To transcend is to go beyond what you know or are accustomed to. When we think of age gaps and idea gaps between different generations, it is clear the divide in what a group may or not be familiar with.

Betty had the ability to link generations, identity groups, and households that may have never been connected before to a shared concept through laughter and love. There may be further explanations needed to describe a seemingly foreign concept. But this was no difficult feat for White.

Through programming such as The Golden Girls and her public appearances, Betty's messages were able to reach a population of adoring fans who could not be segmented by any idea or experience. They all shared a willingness to engage with a concept from their trust in the messenger.

The ability to earn respect

You can't muscle your way into someone else's good graces. Especially if you want their respect. A privilege that can only be earned over time. Throughout her career, Betty made her name known. Her talent spoke for itself, yet hearing her reinforced this level of respect. Betty knew what she was talking about, and she would be damned before she let you undermine that.

The way that you show up overtime informs other how to show up for you.

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