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Dear Dr. Kind - Sincerely, Grateful

By Staci Taustine

Do you remember the Craigslist Missed Connections?

If you recall a time before the Craigslist Killer and when it was perfectly acceptable to find your roommate amongst the many ads, then you might recall the cultural phenomenon read often by true romantics who love(ed) to believe in happenstance, meet-cutes, and the impossibly/semi-possible chance that two people who cross paths in a moment might find a way to reconnect.

A missed connection as seen on Craigslist is a type of personal advertisement which arises after two people meet but are too shy or otherwise unable to exchange contact details. The "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist got thousands of ads of this type every month in New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Now, a shell of what it used to be, the cultural phenomenon is virtually unknown to many in the post Reddit era we live in.

But, I reference this notorious artifact for good reason.

There is a missed connection of sorts I have been sitting on for what will be almost 6 years in June.

It’s not the romantic kind but rather a transcendent exchange I would say I owe my life to

(at least figuratively)

So, I thought why not share it now.

If it were a missed connection it would read something like this:

Mt Sinai Hospital Emergency Room - approx 4:30 am June 11, 2016- w4m (Upper East Side)