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7 Times To Say "Why the f*ck not?"

My blog is called "I Woke up for This" because I have fought my way back for a second chance at life.

After a very unsexy spontaneous perforation in 2016, I have quite literally woken up for every choice I have made since.

Now, I didn't know it would involve living through a global pandemic, but the funny thing about second chances is that you still don't get to call ALL the shots.

You do, however, get more of a say than ever I realized.

We get a say in what we choose to do, and what we don't.

How we choose to react to things, how we make plans (or don't) and, who we choose to spend our time with.

Life doesn't just happen to us. We happen to it simultaneously.

Still, there are so many constructs that would have us believe otherwise.

When I was young I spent a lot of time worrying about these constructs and all of the expectations surrounding them. I carefully crafted my image well within the lines of conformity. I tried to figure out all of "the rules" so that I could play by them. I wanted to get so good at the rules that I could minimize all possible margins for error.

How do I get an A+ every time?

How can I be sure that others will like me?

What clothes should I be wearing? what bag should I be carrying?

How can I save early enough so I might never encounter debt?

How might I learn from others' mistakes so I don't replicate them.