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5 Reasons Why a Work Break-Up Hurts So Much and 5 Steps to Get Back Out There

By Staci Taustine

Let’s face it….it has become relatively commonplace to talk about break-ups… people understand break ups.

Person A falls out of love with Person B or vice versa and the two parties agree to split---amicably, angrily, hostility, there are all sorts of combinations to describe how it all falls apart.

Then comes the heartbreak; defined clearly by Merriam Webster as crushing grief, anguish, or distress.

For some of us, it lasts a long time and likely extends proportionately the amount of time we invested in said relationship.

It is a feeling most of us have known at least once and can extend empathy around when someone we know is going through it.

We rush to comfort them. We bring over chocolate, take them out for cocktails and assure them we are there if they need us--- Afterfall, breakups are hard.

But what about when the break up isn’t with a person, but rather a workplace? Either because we have been fired or because we left? Much like person A and person B discussed earlier, there are so many ways that it can come to an end.

There could be budget cuts that leave us blind-sided,it could be a slow burn where they furlough us first and we hang on in hopes that they will take us could be volatile and we sign a non-disclosure just so we can retreat safely from the place that caused us to cry ourselves to sleep every Sunday night dreading the Monday ahead. There might be other players involved, (like c