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When you decide it's time to blog. Again.

I have always loved office supplies. Nothing better than a fresh notebook and the excuse to buy every new shade of gel pen. I am notorious for justifying a chance for a new start.

Diaries, food journals, dream trackers...I have done them all ..for at least five minutes. There is something about commitment I should examine here. The excitement of starting, quickly followed by the frustration that deters us from coming back.

Whether it was the first spelling mistake causing me to scribble out a line or the ink dripping through to the other side of the page marring the perfection of the book forever, there always seemed to be a reason good enough to walk away and plan to start again when the next right notebook came my way.

Reflecting on this now, it wasn't just with notebooks, it was with relationships, gym memberships and various other intended long term commitments that I ran from at the first sight of trouble.

Enter Blogs.

I have started them, I have dropped them, I have shamed myself into staying away until I could keep up with one. Let's face it, I didn't want this to be the next virtual notebook.

But..the time has come. I am starting this journey with a commitment to giving you my best...and by that I mean a willingness to pick up where I left off even when I miss a beat.

We can wait too long to come back to what is meant for us when we are ashamed of how we've handled it in the past.

So to you I say, I am confronting commitment, consistency and failure with this one post.

Here we go.

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