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We help organizations build cultures their people want to champion and coach people to accept nothing less.


We Believe in GROWTH

It’s time to stop coping with toxic cultures.
It's time to start contributing where it counts.

Most of all, it's time to nurture the intergenerational relationships we all need to thrive.


It's never too early (or too late) to be the person/professional you want to be.

Gain skills quitely.

Succeed loudly.

Build a legacy you are proud of.

(And Feel Supported The Entire Way)

Picture a professional Polly Pocket or Jiminy Cricket there for you while you are making your biggest moves

Open Doors


Your Goals.    Your Vision.     Your Success.   

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We Design

1-1 and Group experiences that upskill from the inside out -- from the heart to the handbook. (The kind of learning that you don't realize it's happening while its' happening but you feel somehow changed!)

In a world where Gen Z and Baby Boomers are bumping elbows daily, we can build stronger intergenerational partnerships at work, school, and home. Whether you want to build trust with co-workers, connect more meaningfully with your kids, or just plain avoid becoming a fossil in your industry, coaching/training can help you get ahead. 

For Individuals:

For Groups & Teams:

Concrete Wall

We meet you where you are

Work within your budget

Schedule in time for your upcoming interviews, high-stakes meetings, and big presentations /retreats & events
AND Make sure you don't NEED us forever

Begin your STUBBORN journey today with one of our personalized services:  

1-1 Coaching

Scheduled as you go and designed to save you money when you purchase up front. 


 5 and 12 pack plans that can be purchased using a monthly payment plan.  


Tried and true solutions for schools, community organizations, and corporate.

So That...  

We can show up for ourselves and each other.

More Inspired.

More Experienced

More Confident.

And ultimately, More Impactful.

What Clients Say...

About the stubborn way

Staci was my Career Guide. She is gregarious, encouraging, deeply knowledgeable, and generous. Her sessions, guidance, and materials led me not only to being able to successfully land a fantastic new position but also empowered me to get a better compensation package through negotiation. I can't recommend Staci highly enough. As leaders/guides/coaches go, she is the gold standard.

— David Wesley Mitchell

Salesforce Administrator at Patron Technology

Staci is an extremely honest, genuine, and supportive mentor/career coach. I had the pleasure of having her as my coach.  She helped me through tough interviews and conversations. She was my cheerleader through multiple interviews and rejections but reminded me that I'll end up finding the right opportunity. Today, I have landed a role at one of the top startups in Silicon Valley and I couldn't be happier! She will not disappoint because she's extremely hard-working and really cares about your success and future! 

— Emily Liu,

Sourcer at Coda 

Through Staci's vast experience, warm empathetic manner, and exceptional guidance, I have grown exponentially as someone on a career journey and as an employee. Previously I was afraid to share or celebrate my accomplishments, negotiate for what I am worth, and felt a bit alone in what has been a confusing and stressful period of my career. Staci has been like a bright light, helping me through this and I feel all the more confident and prepared for it. I cannot stress enough the impact  Staci has had on my life and I am forever grateful. 

— Georgina Whalen

Influencer & Talent Manager at Apartment Therapy Media

When I lost my job Staci helped me work through my feelings of doubt to establish new goals and help me achieve a new path towards success. Staci is a professional who has great instincts, leads with her heart, and provides a lot of support through the process. After each of our 1:1 coaching session’s, she always left me with a robust list of ideas to help me plan my next steps on how to achieve those goals. I would highly recommend Staci to anyone looking to update their resume, strengthen their skillset or is looking for their next job. I am forever grateful for her diverse ability to hear and understand my perspective. Her willingness to take me through the process step-by-step helped me land a new job.

— Michelle Cast

       Events Director 

Where our clients choose to be...

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