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We help companies build cultures their employees want to champion and coach people to accept nothing less.


We Believe

It’s time to stop helping people cope with toxic cultures.

It's time to start building strong foundations, instead of fixing broken parts.  

Open Doors
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Your Goals.    Your Vision.     Your Success.   


Let's Grab A Virtual Coffee

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We Design

1-1 and Group experiences that upskill from the inside out -- from the heart to the handbook. (The kind of professional development that sticks with you)


You Can 

Join our Network of Stubborn Hearts. Bring your whole self, your whole story, and a commitment to showing up for the journey. We lead ourselves, support each other, and influence change-- from the bottom up and the top down.

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Are you ready to move the needle  TOGETHER? 









real conversations.









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So That  

We can connect the dots between our hearts and the workplace. There's only room for integrity in tomorrow's boardroom (or Zoom room). 

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When we hear, see, or do something that lights up our hearts we will pursue more opportunities to replicate the feeling.



Join  The Stubborn Heart Network for fresh perspective, recommendations, welcome distractions, and access to

real-time learning/ Live Q&A's. 



What Clients Say

White Branch

Staci was my Career Guide.She is gregarious, encouraging, deeply knowledgable, and generous. Her sessions, guidance, and materials led me not only to being able to successfully land a fantastic new position (during a pandemic and fairly horrific job market no less), but empowered me to get a better compensation package through negotiation. I can't recommend Staci highly enough. As leaders/guides/coaches go, she is the gold standard.

— David Wesley Mitchell

Salesforce Administrator at Patron Technology

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